Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to our Carpet Cleaning Service!

Your carpets can look, smell and feel fresh and new again.

Combine latest in carpet cleaning technology with our professional cleaners with incredible attention to detail, and our carpet cleaning service becomes very beneficial for your health.

Carpets are like large filters that trap microorganisms and dust that is usually floating in the air. We can remove up to 99% of allergens, dust, dirt and other materials trapped in your carpet.

Our shampoo Рextraction units will guarantee leaving your carpets dry within 2 hours making the air in your home clean and pleasantly smelling. We care about our results, as much as we care about people. That is why we are using the newest technology Käercher Puzzi Machine that has the most efficient and Eco-friendly system of cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is highly recommended for people and families that are pet owners and / or are suffering from asthma and other similar respiratory problems.

If you are looking for the highest standards of carpet cleaning at the most affordable prices, you are in the right place!

Your happiness is our top priority so if you are not fully satisfied with the work done by our carpet cleaning team, we will redo the job at no extra cost.

Just recently got my carpets cleaned by the Dubsparkle Team. The guys did a fabulous job. They were super efficient and very polite and professional. I actually didn’t think that some of the stains would come off, but nothing seems to be too big of a job for these guys. Would highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking for cleaning service of any type.


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